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The Company


Natural Resource Holdings is a publicly listed investment company focused on the ownership of land and natural resource assets with favorable long-term fundamentals. Our investments consist of land and mineral holdings of gold, silver, zinc, and lead deposits. We employ a value oriented, opportunistic approach to the acquisition of natural resources investing only when we have an understanding of the in-situ wealth and at valuations that provide a discount to that wealth in the ground.  

Since 2008, NRH has acquired 5 deposits in North America hosting a combined 1,590,000 ounces of gold (compliant and historical resources), 34.5 million ounces of silver, and 430,000 tonnes of zinc/lead (historical resources). These in-situ resources are 100% owned and unencumbered through direct land ownership (605 acres) and leased mineral claims (750 acres).

The common thread among our assets is their prior exploration and delineation by reputable publicly traded companies. This sunk "exploration equity" translates into thousands of pages of data and reports that have been collated for each property. More importantly, the timing of exploration for all properties took place during prior cyclical peaks in metal prices (1980-1990) and at a time where the average deposit depth was only 150 metres compared to 500-1,000 metres today. Therefore, the historic mineralization in all five deposits is shallow (averaging less than 150 metres) leaving significant opportunity for the development of further in-situ resources in the future.

While we await higher metal prices or development opportunities, we pay annual holding costs and property taxes administering our land and mineral holdings much like a land trust. These annual costs represent a small fraction of the in-situ wealth in the land providing our shareholders with asymmetric leverage to rising natural resource prices.